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Checkout this four steps strategy invented totally for best and quick results.

Interaction with the client via Social Media, call, SMS or WhatsApp

First of all we connect with our clients through different mediums. If our clients contact us through our social media, WhatsApp or SMS then our team calls them accordingly. Through calls, we understand the health issues of our clients. We can find out the problems of the clients by asking them or looking at their medical reports. Start can be from your side or from our side, either side, our sole aim is to reach our clients and understand their physical problems and solve them.

Rectify their health problems in the given time

In this step we make sure that we have rectified the problems of the clients in the time given to them. By the way, generally no dietician puts so much emphasis on this step that they have to complete their results in the given time. But if our dietician Anisha V. Ranjan gives any time period, she solves their physical problems in the same time.

Change their diet plan as per the weight loss

This step is very important step for us and for the client as well. After giving the diet chart to the client, it is important for us to follow-up so that we can change the diet plan of the client if needed. And in this step we do the same thing. When we feel that the client is getting results and he/she is losing weight and keeping his/her body in mind, we change his/her diet plan to give him better results.

Prepare diet chart as per their problem and body type, proper follow ups after every 3 days

Our Celebrity Nutritionist Anisha V. Ranjan prepares a diet chart for that particular client after our team understands the health issues of clients through call or meeting. The diet chart is made keeping in mind the problems of clients as well as their body type. After which our team keeps a follow-up with the client every 3 days and keeps in mind the reduction in their problems.


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