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Weight Loss

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Healthy Weight Loss No Side Effects Visit or contact A V Diet's Center and find a final solution for all your weight loss needs.


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Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from your body


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And many more, please see our full services.


About me

AV Diets and Nutrition is independently owned and operated by Nutritionist Anisha Vij (Dietician in Faridabad). After finishing her master degree, she completed her internship at Sarvodaya Hospital as a dietician. She has brought in her extensive knowledge and experience with dealing with family day-to-day health problems like obesity, diabetes, high/low BP, etc. Just as the brand name AV diet and nutrition suggests, Anisha strives to promote :-

  • Healthy Living
  • Fitness
  • Wellness

by providing you an insight into a personalized balanced diet that is going to match your lifestyle.


This is how we

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Interaction with the client via Social Media, call, SMS or WhatsApp

Rectify their health problems in the given time

Change their diet plan as per the weight loss

Prepare diet chart as per their problem and body type, proper follow ups after every 3 days


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